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Keeping Houston trees beautiful and free of diseases is simple. You just need to trust our company with the tree pruning Houston service. Pruning is all about taking care of trees to improve their aesthetics, boost their health, help them grow in a natural way, prevent problems. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your residential or commercial trees for years, and be environmentally conscious too. Should we tell you more about this service and why choosing us as your tree pruning company in Houston, Texas, is a wise decision?

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Is your intention to improve the shape of your trees? Or, want the tree canopy level reduced? By turning to our tree pruning Houston team, you have nothing to worry about. Pruning services involve many tasks, while your needs and expectations are always met. Naturally, not all trees are the same. But they all need some pruning to grow even bigger, healthier, more beautiful. At Tree Service Houston, we know how to take good care of all trees and always do so with the utmost diligence. Let us show you.

The tasks involved when pruning trees

The tree pruning service may involve several tasks – all meant to meet your expectations. Some trees are too tall and that’s a good thing. Some trees are too tall and that’s a bad thing. Some branches are interwoven intentionally to create a canopy. Some do that accidentally and must be pruned. What’s usually included in tree pruning services?

  • Cleaning the crown of a tree by trimming the limbs found at the higher levels of the tree, if they are dead or diseased.
  • Thinning crossing limbs or dense tree canopies.
  • Raising the tree canopy by pruning to create clearance for cars or lawn mowing.
  • Reducing the tree crown to make it more stable and resistant during storms or create visibility.

Tree maintenance is truly important

Pruning trees regularly is all about preventing diseases, promoting their healthy growth, keeping them beautiful, and avoiding safety concerns. A truly high tree will not only block the view but, most importantly, may fall during a fierce storm.

Pruning is actually tree maintenance. The whole intention of our company is to take care of trees so that they will continue to grow in a healthy manner, free of diseases, while accidents and property damage will be eliminated. That’s why pruning trees occasionally is a wise choice. Don’t you want to book tree pruning now?

Pruning may involve some tree trimming too

Don’t confuse pruning with the tree trimming service. While both aim at boosting the good health and beauty of the trees, they are two different services. Pruning mainly involves the removal of diseased, loose, or dead branches and yes, it often includes tree trimming too.

Is it time to have some trees pruned? Worried about some dead limbs? Don’t stress. You can schedule the service whenever it is suitable for you and be sure your trees will regain their lost glamor, beauty, and health shortly. The best in Houston tree pruning team is standing by, ready to take care of your trees. Why don’t you set an appointment for a pruning service to keep your trees looking good?

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