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Tree Services in Houston

Say hello to the most committed tree service Houston company! We say hello back and are ready to take care of your trees in Houston, Texas. Always count on our company for commercial and residential tree service in the greater Houston area – never worry about a thing. We bring years of experience along with cutting edge equipment for a local tree service done in a safe manner, always to your complete satisfaction. At Tree Service Houston, we are aware of the importance of all services and settle for nothing less than the best in everything – professionals, gear, machinery. You'll see.
The mission of all tree services? To solve problems. To prevent troubles. To make trees healthier. To make your commercial or residential property even more attractive. Trees make our world green, healthy, and beautiful when they are healthy themselves. And the good health and exquisite looks of your trees is our job. Trust us when you want stump removal Houston residential service. Trust us again when you search for commercial tree trimming Houston specialists.

We Are The Best Choice

What makes our Houston tree service company the best choice for all jobs? The way we do things. The way we approach all local tree service requests. Not all service requests are the same. Not all trees are the same either. But there's always a need to trim trees with caution, to cut and remove trees in a safe manner, to know what action to take in each situation. 

With our knowledge and dedication, you will never worry about the way tree trimming is done. And you will, certainly, never worry about the way challenging jobs, like a tree cutting service, are performed. Your safety is our prime priority – the good care of your trees too.


Why should you hire our tree service Houston team?

  • We are experienced: all members of our team are skilled arborists, count years in the service sector, and follow the best methods whether for tree pruning or tree removal Houston jobs.
  • We have the equipment: from stump grinding machines and chainsaws to protective clothing and tree root removal machinery, our company is equipped to serve in the most professional way, every time.
  • We are affordable: while the costs vary, depending on what service the customer needs, all rates are kept low and competitive. Always feel free to ask for an estimate.
  • We respect trees & customers: we love trees. We know everything about trees. And we show as much respect to trees as we show to our customers, with great services.

Complete tree services, services you always trust

Breathing life into an old maple, pine or oak tree with pruning or tree trimming service is as easy as making contact with our company.
It's good to know you can count on our team for any local service, say tree or stump removal. You will never have to worry again about whom to contact to prune or remove trees. Available for commercial and residential tree removal, trimming, cutting, pruning – all services, we make your life much simpler. We also set your mind at ease by ensuring that trees are cut with great caution – always with the right equipment. And the tree removal service is done with the utmost professionalism too. Life is nice when there are green, healthy trees just outside your window. Life is nicer when you can rely on a company, which makes all tree services simple and overdelivers. Guess what? You just found your Houston tree service company! 

The best in Houston tree care pros at your service!
What tree service you need? What's your question?