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Tree Stump Removal: Is It Necessary?

Tree Stump Removal: Is It Necessary?

The stumps in your garden were once trees! But when the exhausting little project of the tree removal was over, all you were left with was the stumps. You might consider them an eye-soar or you may not. In either care, removing these stumps without delay is the best thing you can do for your peace of mind. Wondering what’s the rush? Why tree stump removal is so necessary? We’ll tell you.

Tree stumps may cause accidents

Since safety always comes first, the number one reason for stump removal is the prevention of accidents. You might consider it far-stretched, but tripping over stumps and roots is easy. And so, the remnants of what it used to be a tree once upon a time may become the reason for your children falling. Or, for elderly falling and getting injured.

Mowing the lawn when there’s even one stump in the way – let alone plenty, is not easy anyway. And while this is an annoyance – hence, one more reason for wanting to find a stump removal service company, it is also the reason why accidents may happen even more often. You see, all that greenery growing around the stumps may actually hide their presence. If you don’t see them, you can easily stumble and fall. Isn’t it best to have the tree stumps removed?

There are still tree roots underground (and may cause damage)

With tree cutting, one would think that the roots stop growing. But this is not always the case. As a matter of fact, the roots of a tree remain alive for many years even if the stump is ground out. As the tree roots grow, they might bump into the foundations of the home, threatening the structural integrity. They often find pipes or pavement in their path, wrap around them and cause severe damage. Pipes may burst. Driveways and patios may crack. To avoid such additional problems, there’s a need for the complete removal of the stumps – both stump and tree root removal.

Stumps attract pests

Tree stumps attract all kinds of pests and become the shelter of rodents, carpenter ants, fungi, termites – even snakes. No infestation is good news. The tree stumps eventually decompose, while all these microorganisms, insects, and pests may easily move to nearby trees, shrubs, plants and into your home. Since all these pests are attracted by wood, all wooden surfaces in your home – indoors and outdoors, will eventually be at stake as well. Fungi may be dangerous for small children and pets. The mold, decay, and pests will likely make the adjacent trees sick too, increasing the possibility of serious diseases which may unavoidably lead to the necessity of tree cutting. Isn’t it better to remove the stump?

Before stump removal, tree planting may be a no-no

Unless your garden is huge and you want to plant new trees far away from the existing stump, new trees should not be planted before the stump is removed. The new tree will be doomed to be sick and die young, from the beginning. It may not even get the chance to grow healthy due to the stump’s root sucking all nutrients that would otherwise be used by the new tree.

Tree stumps decrease home value

More often than not, tree stumps make gardens look shabby. They steal away the landscape’s beauty and decrease the home value. Even if they seem cool after the tree removal, their gradual decomposition will diminish their looks. Overall, tree stumps give the impression that the landscape is abandoned and the outdoor appearance is ghastly, if you consider the pest-infestation alone. On top of that, they may cause damage to the lawn mower and take up valuable space that could be used for any other outdoor structure. Who wants a zombie in the yard?

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